Activities & Village Life



The village has a number of sports teams and clubs including senior and junior football teams, a cricket club and tennis courts.


The village has two churches; The Holy Trinity Church and The Congregational Church.


The village has a pre-school and primary school and a secondary school is located in the nearest town Southam only a couple of miles away.

Interest groups

The village has a number of special interest groups – some that exist on an ongoing basis for the benefit of the village, such as the Long Itchington Educational Foundation and some special project groups – like the War Memorial Group.

Youth Groups

Groups include The Youth Club, Young Farmers, Brownies and a Parent & Toddler Group.

Parish Wildlife Wardens

With ever increasing pressure being placed on our natural environment, the role of the wardens is to record & monitor the wildlife and habitats that exist, and find ways to protect and improve.