Holy Trinity Church

The parish church for the communities of Long Itchington, Bascote and Bascote Heath. The church is very much a going concern, thanks to the support not only of the congregation but also of the whole community. We are seeking to improve the facilities and make the nave more useable for village concerts and other functions as it really is a beautiful and large space. We like to think we are a very welcoming and inclusive community.


It is the oldest building in Long Itchington. Most of it was built in the 13th century, though some of it is 12th century and the porch and vestry are Victorian. There was once a spire, but a lightning strike in the 18th century demolished it and all that is left is the stump on the tower. Inside, the screen separating the ‘nave’ (the main body of the church) from the ‘chancel’ (where the choir stalls and altar are) is mostly 14th century, and is therefore one of the oldest screens in the country. Likewise the niches and seats built into the chancel wall are very ancient and are very well preserved for their age. Also the various medieval carvings are of interest – one on the arch above the screen is of a monkey with her baby, and one wonders why that was put there!

What We Are Here For

The main function of the church is Christian worship. Sunday services are the regular worship occasions, when everyone is welcome – we have something for children at all our Sunday services, and a dedicated ‘play area’, and there are refreshments after each service.

The church is also available for special services such as weddings, baptisms and funerals – because it is a parish church, any parishioner is entitled to ask to have a service in the church, even if they are not regular members of the congregation.

Apart from services, the church is open during daylight hours for people just to pop in to be quiet, or to have a time for prayer or reflection, or just to look around.

In recent times we have extended our reach within the community by holding regular “tea and cakes” events when anyone can pop in for a chat and something sweet.