Cemex Update

Demolition Project

This project has been progressing well and the site is quite transformed. Cemex had agreed a method of working with WCC that did not require any demolition other than by mechanical means. However, it has become apparent, principally for safety reasons, that the partial demolition of three remaining structures using explosive charges is necessary. Cemex have consulted with WCC and this has been agreed.

Although very minor, the use of explosive charges requires a very strict procedure and this has been the subject of notification to all the emergency services. There will be a strict exclusion zone for all site personnel but as the zone remains within the boundary, this will have no implications for any of the local communities.

The dates and times are shown below:-

Monday, January 16th 2 p.m. No. 6 Kiln Precipitator

Thursday, January 19th 2 p.m. No. 7 Kiln Precipitator

Wednesday, January 25th 2 p.m. Pre heater tower

These will be extremely minor applications of explosives and will be barely noticeable beyond the site boundary.