Current LIPC Structure

This document shows the current Parish Council structure.

Membership of Working Groups

1. Community Centre Management Committee

Barbara Atkins, Linda Clark and Sally Shillitoe  

2. Communications Group

Barbara Atkins, Sally Shillitoe and Jon Venn

3. Emergency Planning

Ian Briggs, Sally Shillitoe and Jon Venn

4. Finance

Barbara Atkins, Ian Briggs, Linda Clark and Richard Jackson

5. Open Spaces

Louis Adam, Ian Briggs, Linda Clark, Richard Jackson, Christopher Purser (Tree Warden), Phil Claydon and John Shenkman (Wildlife Wardens)

6. Planning

Ian Briggs, Linda Clark, Sally Shillitoe and Jon Venn

7. Neighbourhood Plan

Barbara Atkins, Richard Jackson, Sally Shillitoe and Jon Venn

8. HS2

Barbara Atkins, Ian Briggs, Dan Mitchell, Tony Munton, Mark Norton, Christopher Purser and Jon Venn