High return rate for Long Itchington Survey

Last month all Long Itchington residents over the age of 10 were given the opportunity to express their views via a questionnaire covering a wide variety of topics.

We are thrilled to report that we achieved an 83% response rate across the Parish. This represents 732 households and 1456 individuals completing questionnaires. This is a marvellous result and means that our findings really do have the backing of the community. A big thank you to all who took part.

It was also very heartening that 150 people sent back volunteer sheets offering to help with the various organisations and activities going on here.

Over 50 volunteers delivered and collected questionnaires in cold and often damp conditions and we also thank them for all their hard work.

 The results of the survey will be presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on Saturday April 16th in the Community Centre.