Jubilee Oak Tree blessing & Jubilee Way naming ceremonies

The Jubilee Oak Tree Ceremony

Today members of the village met in the recreation ground, on a sunny morning, to see the blessing of the Jubilee Oak Tree, which was donated by Dr. Bellamy.

The ceremony started with the ‘planting’ of the tree by the Carnival Queen, Claudia Franklin and her assistants, Rebecca Fariss and Lauren Grant, and ably assisted by the village tree warden, Chris Purser.  Three wonderful poems were read by their author, Charlotte and Emily Griffin and James Byrne.  The poems commemerated the Queen’s Jubilee and the expected longevity of an oak tree’s life.

The vicar, Tim Britton, blessed the tree.  Following the blessing the Long Itchington Brownies planted daffodills around the tree in readiness for a great spring show.

Jubilee Way Naming Ceremony

The second ceremony of the morning was the naming of Jubilee Way, a section of SM2 between Short Lane and Church Road (opposite the hairdressers).

This was attended by a representatives of the Calendar Group and the Parish Council, who jointly funded the purchace of the signs, together with Tim Britton.

Barbara Atkins cut the ribbon to ‘officially’ open the newly named footpath.