Our Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document which carries weight for the community when planning decisions are being considered in years to come. The Long Itchington Parish Council has formed a steering group to oversee the delivery of this plan for our community

It will:

  • need to consider how land should be used within the Long Itchington Parish boundary including Model Village, Bascote and Bascote Heath
  • take into account everyone’s needs for housing, business property (including agriculture), school premises, leisure and recreation opportunities, transport, communications (including internet services), open space etc.
  • highlight the things that need to be protected and improved, for example the countryside and natural environment that gives our Parish its unique rural character.

Once adopted, our Neighbourhood Plan must legally be taken into account when the local planning authority considers any application for permission to develop land.

The Parish Council is committed to consulting local residents of all ages, businesses and voluntary and other organisations as widely as possible throughout the process to ensure that anyone who has a stake in our community can contribute to the policies finally included in our Neighbourhood Plan.

The launch event on 3rd October is the first step in this important process.

All the information collected at the launch event will be analysed and a report identifying the key issues everyone wants to be addressed in our Neighbourhood Plan will be presented to the community before Christmas 2015.

Regular updates on progress will be available throughout the process. Look out for information (including how to make sure your views are taken into account if you can’t make the launch event) on-line at www.longitchington.org.uk, on notice boards throughout the Parish and in the Long Itchington Diary.

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

On behalf of Long Itchington Parish Council