Footpath Events:

Landscape Photography Walk

The New Years Day walks were a great success – we stopped counting at the 60th person to join in. Next up in our series of organised village walks is a Landscape Photography session on Sunday 28th January 2018. Follow this link for full details and look out for details of future walks throughout the coming year.

Landscape Photography Walk

History Walk Notes

Follow this link for the notes about the historical features along the route distributed to those who joined in the History Walk oj October 2017:
History Walk Notes

Public Footpaths

Long Itchington residents and visitors can get access to beautiful countryside via the network of public footpaths that criss-crosses the Parish. Some of these paths link to the canal towpath, disused railway line and minor country roads all close to the centre of the village, that offer even more opportunities to enjoy our wonderful local environment. Within minutes you can be in the peace and quiet of the countryside surrounded by wildlife and it’s right on our doorstep!

To find out more information about walks in and around Long Itchington visit the interactive website at

The Public Footpath Network

There are approximately 12 miles (20 kilometres) of public footpaths within the Long Itchington Parish boundary. These are recorded on a map (the ‘Definitive Map’) that is kept by Warwickshire County Council.

All public footpaths in the area are marked on the Ordnance Survey ‘Explorer’ series (maps 221 and 222). Visit for information about how to buy copies of these and other maps.

In addition, you may like a copy of the pictorial map of Long Itchington created by a village artist to show local footpaths and other features. High quality A3 prints are available from local pubs, shops and the Community Centre. Alternatively ask Brian Smith, the Volunteer Footpath Group Leader, (see Contacts and Information section below) for your copy. Prints are free thanks to generous support from CEMEX.

Each footpath on the Definitive Map has a code (SM2, SM3, SM5 etc.) and brief descriptions of some of the main routes are given below:

Jubilee Way (SM2) passing through allotments in the heart of the village.

Jubilee Way (SM2) passing through allotments in the heart of the village.


Runs between The Limes Croft, Church Road through the heart of the village and on to Stonebridge Lane via Short Lane and Whitehall Farm. In 2011 part of the footpath in the village centre was named ‘Jubilee Way’ to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.


Runs between The Green at Church Road near the Pond towards the end of Thorn Way and then through open fields, across a timber footbridge over a stream. The footpath ends at the Southam Road bridge over the Grand Union Canal (linking with the towpath) by the Two Boats Public House.

The start of SM3 in the corner of The Green heading towards Thorn Way



Runs through beautiful pastureland between Bascote Road (just over the roadbridge) to Stonebridge Lane following the river. A branch (SM5a) runs up the hill, away from the village towards Bascote and crosses the disused railway line (part of the Sustrans National Cycle Network) before heading off across open fields to rejoin Bascote Road close to the canal bridge.


This footpath starts by the entrance to Marton Road Farm on the main A423 and heads towards Birdingbury. It crosses open fields before leaving our Parish (where it becomes R220 on the Definitive Map) and going through the middle of Allotment Gardens. It then joins the road between the A423 and Birdingbury about 200m from the edge of the village.

SM9a on the way to Debdale Wood in the distance

SM9a on the way to Debdale Wood in the distance

SM9 and 9a

SM9 links Marton Road to Collingham Lane to the east. Start along SM9a that runs from Brakeley Cottages, opposite the Pond. Heading up the hill SM9 branches to the right towards Collingham Lane whilst SM9 continues across open fields before it ends at Debdale Wood (there is no through route beyond this point).


From the Allotment Gardens on Collingham Lane this footpath crosses open fields and then follows three sides of Fox Covert Spinney before coming to an end (there is no through route beyond this point).

SM19 and 19a

Starting in Ufton village, SM19 heads east towards Southam following the southern edge of Long Itchington Wood before crossing the Long Itchington parish boundary at the edge of Bascote Heath. Crossing Bascote Heath Road the footpath continues over open fields towards Stoney Thorpe Hall. Just before the Hall the footpath is crossed by SM24 which runs north to Bascote and south to Harbury. Continuing on towards Southam and leaving Long Itchington parish again, SM19 branches into two: the northern path (SM19) travels on to the western edge of Southam linking to Welsh Road West via SM180 whilst the southern branch (SM19a) passes the ancient Holy Well (for more information visit ) before ending at Warwick Road.

Public Footpath Maintenance

Warwickshire County Council is responsible for maintaining public footpaths and bridleways in our area. However, its Rights of Way Team has limited resources and has to deal with issues affecting access, condition and repair of paths throughout the County. Our Parish Council has, therefore, set up a team of volunteers to work in partnership with the County Council.

The volunteers regularly walk the local footpath network to:

  • spot and deal with minor issues (for example cutting back overgrown vegetation, making sure footpath signs are in place etc.);
  • report major items of repair (for example broken stiles or gates) to the County Council where the permission of landowners is needed for any works;
  • help carry out major projects with advice, materials and support from the County Council (for example rebuilding embankment steps and bridges); and
  • report any other issues that need to be addressed by the County Council (for example where access along a right of way has been blocked).

The leader of the team of volunteers is currently Brian Smith (see contacts below). There are six footpath co-ordinators, each responsible for monitoring the following footpaths:

Andy Jack (Tel. 01926 815522) SM1, 5 and 8

Keith Turnecliff (Tel. 01926 810488) SM2 and 4

Richard Jackson (Tel. 01926 814306) SM3

Alan Lord (Tel. 01926 812960) SM18 and 19

Brian Smith (Tel. 01926 815119) SM6, 7 and 24

Janet Powell (Tel. 01926 813761) SM9, 9a and 10

If you come across a problem whilst out walking please let us know or, alternatively contact the County Council Rights of Way Team direct. We will then try to rectify the problem or issue. Also please let us know if you would like to be a volunteer or have any ideas about how we can improve or promote the use of our local footpath network.

Contacts and Further Information

Brian Smith, Volunteer Footpath Group Leader

Tel: 01926 815119


Clerk to Long Itchington Parish Council

Tel: 01926 815522


Warwickshire County Council

Full range of advice and information about enjoying using local footpaths and bridleways available on the County Council’s ‘Rights of way and paths’ web page:

Rights of Way Team, Warwickshire County Council

Tel: 01926 412824


The Blue Lias Rings

For a range of more adventurous, local walks visit to download leaflets showing the routes of nine circular walks of varying length around our area. Alternatively, contact the Long Itchington Parish Clerk for a copy of the printed information pack about the walks. Please note, however, that some of the distinctive ‘Blue Lias Ring’ way markers along the routes may be missing or damaged.

Photographs and Information to Share

We hope that the photographs on this web page give a flavour of our village’s wonderful setting in the countryside. If you have your own favourite walks or photographs of the countryside or wildlife taken whilst out walking the local footpath network or things to look out for why not share them by emailing them to the Volunteer Footpath Group Leader at

To find out more information about walks in and around Long Itchington visit the interactive website at