Parish Plan 2009

The Parish Plan embodies the wishes, needs, aims and aspirations of our parish expressed by you, the residents, over several years.

The plan is also important because it has been adopted both by your Parish Council and Stratford District Council as a significant information source; this means that consideration must be given to the guidance and actions proposed in it particularly when considering planning or grant applications.

Of course this 2009 Parish Plan is by no means a “be-all and end-all” document. Already some actions are well under way or complete and it will not be long before new priorities must be included.

Consequently it is anticipated that the Long Itchington Parish Plan will need to be updated at least one during the four year life of a Parish Council, by means of new information surveys, special consultations, and public gatherings including the Annual Parish Meeting. The APM is your ideal opportunity to come along and express any interest or concerns you may have about your village or in relation to the various actions and projects mentioned in the Plan.

The Parish Plan 2009 has been split into three parts to reduce download time.

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Long Itchington
Village Design Statement – A Success?

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Housing Needs
Leisure & Recreation
The Pond and Open Spaces
Road Lighting & Parking
Road Safety & Maintenance
Cleanliness & Tidiness
The Wider Environment
Population Groups
Crime and Neighbourhood Watch
Local Facilities & Services
Emergency Procedures
Efficient Communication
An Effective Parish Council
Concluding Remarks

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Appendix A – Annual Parish Meetings
Appendix B – The Parish Plan Action List