100 Club Lottery

To raise funds for new capital projects and help us to keep our hire charges as low as possible, the Community Centre Management Committee has set up a ‘100 Club’ Lottery. To become a member you simply buy a monthly subscription (£1 per month) for a ‘number’ in a lottery draw. Although we call it a ‘100 Club’ we actually have more than 100 members – but 200 members is our limit.

There are several cash prizes in the monthly draw; and at least 50% of the subscriptions are returned as prize money (i.e. the prize fund). There are no management charges – it is run by the Management Committee entirely on a voluntary basis on behalf of the village. The balance remaining goes towards the Community Centre projects fund.

If you are interested and would like to find out more, then please download the  100 Club application form – or contact Linda Clark, 100 Club Lottery Administrator, linda.wulfstan@btinternet.com or on: 01926 814255.

Thank you for supporting our Community Centre.


The lottery runs for twelve months in a calendar year. To minimise administration costs we require 12 months payment (£12) up-front, either as cash or a cheque.  You can also join at any time after July. You would pay for however many months are remaining in the year (£1 per month) and you will enter the remaining monthly draws accordingly. Note however that to be eligible for the Super Draw in June you have to have been a member for at least six months (i.e. from December onwards). Read the 100 Club rules to find out how it all works.

100 Club Results

The names of the monthly prize-winners are announced on this website on a regular basis and we have information on how the prize fund is allocated.  Lists of prize-winners in earlier years can be found here: 2016, 2017  2018 and 2019-20

Dates and times of draws for 2021

The numbers have been drawn by a different member of the 100 Club each month at their doorstep due to COVID restrictions.  NOW we are back to drawing the numbers at different venues (May – The Diner).  As the COVID rules change so will the method and place of drawing them. Thank you for you patience.

Date Time Venue Winners
January – 23 2pm Wulfstan Drive 3 – £30 – M Smith, 15 – £10 – E Miles, 130 – £10 – P&J Webster
February – 20 2pm Stockton Road 7 – £30 – L Clark, 82 £10 – N Myhill, 38 – £10 – G Phillips
March – 20 2pm Stockton Road 161 – £30 – M+R Terry, 53 – £10 – T Fincham, 189 – £10 – P Flynn
April – 17 2pm Wulfstan Drive 6 – £30 – J Round, 28 – £10 – R Berry, 155 – £10 – H Lazell
May – 28 12.30 The Diner 113 – £30 – M Carver-Smith, 126 – £10 – P Bunker, 49 – £10 – K Speight
June- 27 6pm The Buck and Bell